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Here for all your location needs


Location Manager, Scout

Based in London & Devon UK

I have been working within the industry for over 15 years, managing and scouting on a multitude of projects across TV, Film, Commercials, Still and Music Promos.


I have a keen eye for imagery and a comprehensive understanding of exactly what is needed to research, scout, secure, permit, setup and shoot any production at any required location. I am extremely attentive and always give each project the time and care it requires to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

What is the role of a Location Manager? ​

A Location Manager is responsible for sourcing and securing the locations needed for the production they are working on. This includes researching what the most suitable options are going to be. Scouting any potential location leads to see if they have the right look and work from a servicing/practical point of view. Once a location has been approved it is then the Location Managers job to negotiate on behalf of the production to ensure all necessary hire agreements are signed and permits approved to allow the filming to take place. Once the location has been booked in a Location Manager must make sure that adequate parking is in place for the crew, tech vehicles and facilities vehicles. On the day of a shoot, it is the role of the Location Manger to ensure that everyone knows where they should be parking and where they should be going so that no delays are caused to the production. It is then their job to manage what can and cannot be done at a location, so that no one causes any issues that may impact the production negatively. Throughout the duration of a shoot it is generally the job of the Location Manager to solve any problems that relate to a location or it's surroundings, quickly and efficiently.

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